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The Best Super Bowl Spot Was From a Radio Guy

February 4, 2013


The best spot in the Super Bowl by far goes to Dodge for the Ram Truck commercial that featured the voice of Paul Harvey. It was interesting to watch an entire party come to a halt as that spot progressed both because curiosity was building about who the commercial was for and because Harvey’s words were so powerful. […]

Let’s Stop Playing the Name Game

August 7, 2012


The bells have rung. Times have changed. Listeners are smarter and more savvy about media than ever before. And therefore they are more skeptical too. Because of this, over and over again, the best hosts and programmers now say its important to connect with your audience in a real way. Have a conversation with them, be […]

Gossip vs Real Life: A Contrast In Styles

July 31, 2012


For last week’s Billboard Top 40 Update I was lucky enough to interview two women who are redefining the concept of hosting nights at Top 40 radio. Traditionally a boy’s club of sorts these two ladies – Silly Jilly of KKHH in Houston and Nessa of KYLD in San Francisco —  are proving that women can not only handle nights but score big […]

Tosh Point Oh-No!

July 17, 2012


There are only a couple of hard and fast rules I believe in when it comes to working with talent  and Daniel Tosh, the stand-up comedian who hosts the Comedy Central Show “Tosh.0,” broke one of them recently: don’t make jokes about rape. Tosh was apparently talking about how rape jokes are actually quite hilarious and […]

Oh! Carolina

June 29, 2012


It’s always encouraging to hear the same things I’ve been trying to say day after day echoed by someone else whose opinion is noteworthy. For example, in this week’s Billboard Top 40 Update I interview Carolina Bermudez who, after seven years on-air as co-host of the syndicated Elvis Duran Morning Show is moving on to a morning TV gig. Think […]

Why Best-Selling Authors Keep Selling

June 27, 2012


I’ve got approximately 800 pages to go in the fourth book of the series that HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is based on (George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”). That means I’ve already digested the approximately 2500 pages that make up the first three installments. I bring this up because I can’t believe I’ve gotten […]

Keep Calm, Carry On and Don’t Swear

June 21, 2012


Look me in the eye and pay attention when I tell you… do not swear on the radio. I know how you are. You scan the news, you don’t really read it. Headlines like, “Supreme Court Shoots Down FCC Fines For Fleeting Expletives/Nudity In Narrow Ruling” or “Supremes Toss ‘Fleeting Indecency” might put the wrong […]

Don’t Let Your Show Be Like Prometheus

June 15, 2012


I am glad my friend Christine and I settled on seeing “Prometheus” at an Imax theater. Seeing the truly stunning visuals on the giant screen was quite amazing. What the Imax couldn’t fix however was the lack of characters worth caring about which, despite faithfully wearing my 3D glasses, made the whole experience pretty flat. When I saw the […]

Time to “Fun Up” Your Show

June 12, 2012


Being the big sci-fi dork I am I loved the Volkswagen “Little Vader” commercial that debuted during the 2011 Superbowl. Now it turns out that Max Page, the 7-year-old who played the crucial character in the spot, has to have open heart surgery to fix a hole in his heart and replace a pulmonary valve. Apparently the young man has […]

Brain First, Then Mouth

June 5, 2012


Great talent say outrageous, attention-getting things. Gainfully employed talent don’t disrupt their stations biggest annual event and disappoint thousands of fans. This the tightrope you walk. Deal with it. According to reports in several different radio trades including, Nicki Minaj walked out before her performance at Hot 97 New York’s Summer Jam last weekend. She blew […]