Brain First, Then Mouth

Posted on June 5, 2012


Great talent say outrageous, attention-getting things.

Gainfully employed talent don’t disrupt their stations biggest annual event and disappoint thousands of fans.

This the tightrope you walk. Deal with it.

According to reports in several different radio trades including, Nicki Minaj walked out before her performance at Hot 97 New York’s Summer Jam last weekend. She blew off this huge annual event in the world of urban radio and music because one of the airtalent went on stage and dissed her current single.

Now I don’t know what really happened. It’s hard to imagine what situation occurred during a stage announcement at a station show that led to a host ripping on an artist who was set to perform later in the day. Maybe there was a good reason or maybe there is something else going on here that isn’t in the accounts I’ve read.

But without any other context to go on, it sure seems stupid.

Great hosts get paid to say things that cut through the clutter and get people’s attention but they also get paid to help make money for the radio station and in this case those two seem to be at odds.

I don’t ever want to be guilty of suggesting you not go on the air — or even on stage — and try unique, attention-getting material but c’mon. In this particular case you have to wonder if a bit of forethought wouldn’t have been smart.