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Is Your Show First Run or Netflix?

March 27, 2012


I have a friend who recently started watching Battlestar Galactica and, after watching the first season and a half, is considering bailing on the series. While I realize I am geekier than most and loved that series in an arguably unhealthy way, he’s in the meat of the best part and is considering giving up. If he was in […]

Ratings Bias and Social Media

March 22, 2012


Everyone who’s been on the air at a commercial radio station should have, at some time, had the concepts of Ratings Bias and Ratings Distortion explained to them.  If you aren’t familiar with the terms someone clearly neglected your education. In a nut shell, the two boil down to doing anything that will affect the ratings process. That could […]

A Look at How Stephen Colbert Raised $1 Million

February 2, 2012


After a little bit of digging I found out that “The Colbert Report” averages 1.5 million total viewers per episode and the Web site averages 1.2 million unique monthly visitors. That number makes the fact that host Steven Colbert’s Super PAC, known as Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has raised over $1 million dollars in contributions […]

You (Still) Need a Social Media Plan

December 28, 2011


Yesterday I suggested a list of things you could do to clean up your social media efforts heading into 2012. Once you are doing cleaning up it is probably a good time to re-visit exactly why you are doing anything on social media at all and how much more effective you would be with a […]

Great Minds Think Alike: Jan Jeffries and Spike Eskin

December 16, 2011


One of the nice parts of my various far-flung enterprises is that they often overlap.For example I recently interviewed Cumulus Media’s Senior Vice President of Programming Jan Jeffries for an article in the Billboard Top 40 Update (which you can subscribe to here). We had a great conversation about the biggest trends of 2011 and what […]

The Olympics Overlook Radio

November 29, 2011


According to the Radio Advertising Bureau’s “Radio Marketing Guide,” our medium reaches 92.2% of all 12-24 year-olds each week. Someone should forward that slide to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). A recent New York Times article details how the IOC is launching a new campaign aimed at raising awareness of the games amongst 12 to 19 year-olds. The campaign uses television and, “social […]

Did You Ask Questions or Provide Answers After the Jerry Sandusky Interview?

November 22, 2011


Last week I posted a Team Coco video of TV news shows covering the announcement that Conan was planning to perform a gay wedding on his show. The video shows a multitude of stations all reading the exact same copy which probably came directly from the press release O’Brien’s team sent out. That was a fun example […]

The Perfect Tease Courtesy of “60 Minutes”

October 17, 2011


Sunday, while I was comfortably sitting on my couch watching football, I heard what might just be the perfect tease: “Scott Pelley has been covering Afghanistan for 10 years. What he reports tonight on ’60 Minutes’ may just change your view of the war.” If you want to improve your teases or teach someone how to do […]

Tivo Timewarp: How :08 Seconds Became a Lifetime

October 4, 2011


First Tivo revolutionized the way I watch television. Then it altered my perception of time. Seriously. Hear me out. Tivo has a back button that rewinds the show you are watching by eight seconds. Look down during the Lion’s miraculous comeback and miss a Tony Romo interception? Hit the back button. Didn’t quite hear the crucial admission from the murder suspect […]

Dominos Pizza Reveals Plans for Dominance of Lunar Pizza Market

September 21, 2011


Domino’s Pizza has announced a very lofty goal; the first pizza franchise on the moon. The announcement of this ambitious plan came from the President of the company’s Japanese operation, Scott K. Oelkers. You can see Mr. Oelkers announcing the “Moon Branch Project,” which would cost the pizza chain over $21 billion to execute, in this video […]