The Perfect Tease Courtesy of “60 Minutes”

Posted on October 17, 2011


Sunday, while I was comfortably sitting on my couch watching football, I heard what might just be the perfect tease:

“Scott Pelley has been covering Afghanistan for 10 years. What he reports tonight on ’60 Minutes’ may just change your view of the war.”

If you want to improve your teases or teach someone how to do a good one this is a fantastic example:

  • It’s Topical: The war may not top of mind everyday but effects everyone in the U.S. Quite often hosts make their teases about topics that large segments of the audience have no interest in.
  • It Makes You Wonder: It doesn’t matter what your opinion is of the war. You can be for, against or neutral and this tease leaves you wondering what Scott Pelley will have to say and how it could affect your individual opinion. So often I hear hosts give away too much information when they tease. That’s why it’s called teasing, it’s supposed to get your attention without giving everything away.

With so many options for entertainment and information today keeping the audience’s attention is more difficult, and therefore more important, than ever.

I think I’ll DVR the show and see if Scott Pelley’s report lives up to the tease.