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Time to Leave the Bitter Barn

July 24, 2012


The panel I moderated at The Conclave last week in Minneapolis was supposed to be about maximizing local radio: how to make local radio the best in can be. Despite my best efforts it still contained an element of complaining about how syndication and voice-tracking are ruining our industry. I’m so tired of this! First […]

Ratings Bias and Social Media

March 22, 2012


Everyone who’s been on the air at a commercial radio station should have, at some time, had the concepts of Ratings Bias and Ratings Distortion explained to them.  If you aren’t familiar with the terms someone clearly neglected your education. In a nut shell, the two boil down to doing anything that will affect the ratings process. That could […]

Why Must Rush Limbaugh Represent the Entire Radio Industry?

March 12, 2012


In case you missed it, the radio industry made the opening sketch of Saturday Night Live this past weekend thanks to Rush Limabugh. Now look, I know I’ve been on my soapbox about the radio industry a lot lately and I promise to get back to providing practical advice for talent but please indulge me […]

Attacking the Medium: Radio is also Stupid

March 5, 2012


After last week’s post “Defending the Medium: Radio is Already Great,” where I debunked each part of an article that ran on the AOL Daily Finance page titled “Why Terrestrial Radio Will Never Be Great Again,” I think it’s time to also point out why our industry continues to fall victim to a negative images and provide a few suggestions that […]

Defending the Medium: Radio Already is Great

March 2, 2012


Yesterday, one of my Talent Mechanic clients passed along an article from the AOL Daily Finance page titled “Why Terrestrial Radio Will Never Be Great Again.” I hate articles like this. Not because they assassinate the medium I enjoy being a part of but because it does so without any regard for the facts. Here […]

Why Your Show Matters

January 10, 2012


According to the Web site Frugal Dad there are six companies: GE, NewsCorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS that control 90% of what we read, watch or listen to. They control 70% of cable television. Their movie revenue amounts to $7 billion, two times the box office sales of the next 140 biggest studios combined. 232 […]