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Maximizing the Facebook Timeline

May 24, 2012


It may surprise you to find out I don’t spend much time on the Facebook page of Nothing against the site it’s just not one of my usual haunts. So I’m glad an article on about how to maximize the Facebook timeline layout led me there. Anyone who uses Facebook to reach customers — or in […]

Motivation from Pinterest Co-Founder Ben Silbermann

April 30, 2012


Doing a radio show (or any other job) five or six days a week can be a real grind. I don’t mean just showing up and reading liner cards in between saying what song you just played and what song is coming up next. I mean doing a show with great content, audience interaction, social […]

Help for Introverted Radio Hosts

January 25, 2012


When I was programming one thing that always surprised me was how many great talent were actually introverts and completely uncomfortable in a crowd. Now I’m somewhat introverted myself. I prefer one-on-one discussions or small groups to large gatherings but I find it interesting that people who can open the mic and inform or entertain […]

My Social Media Week Lesson: Respect Your Audience’s Time

September 23, 2011


Ever since Alanis Morisette I’m never sure if I’m using the word ironic correctly. But I think it’s ironic that the most important lesson I learned at the Social Media Week seminars I attended has little to do with social media. For anyone not familiar, Social Media Week is a series of informational panels about the growth and […]

When to Fire a Listener

June 2, 2011


In addition to terrestrial radio hosts, in my role as a talent coach I work with a number of podcasters.  Working with these hosts is interesting because the shows are about all sorts of topics ranging from incredibly practical to extremely bizarre. One show that leans much closer to “practical” is The Business Beware Show hosted by the father-daughter team of […]

Great Minds Blog Alike

April 26, 2011


A while ago I wrote a post about the value of using local bloggers as a resource for show content. Well, leave it to my good friend Michelle Matthews, operations manager for the five-station Clear Channel cluster in Omaha and morning host on KQBW, “The Brew,” to provide me with a great example. Of course, because Michelle always has to over-achieve, she is both the […]

Be Practical: Your Audience Is

November 16, 2010


Here are some things I learned from a recent Harris Poll on the topic of cost-cutting measures: 1) The infamous Gen-X now ranges in age from 35-44 making the Slacker generation dead center of radio’s most sought after demographic; 25-54 year olds. 2) According to a Marketing Charts breakdown of the poll results the generation that was once […]

How Was Your Weekend?

October 26, 2010


Be honest, you never really expect a long answer to the question “how was your weekend?” At most you are anticipating a two-word answer like “fine, thanks,” and more likely a simple grunt from the person you asked would suffice right? Then when someone does actually answer the question telling you about their weekend in any measure of detail odds […]

Survey Says: Good Customer Service Matters

August 16, 2010


I recently had a jaw-dropping experience; flawless customer service at no less than three separate retail stores. I thought the first was a fluke. I was in a Champs Sports during the day and the gentleman who waited on me was a little older than your average mall retail worker. I figured he was a manager […]