Gossip vs Real Life: A Contrast In Styles

Posted on July 31, 2012



For last week’s Billboard Top 40 Update I was lucky enough to interview two women who are redefining the concept of hosting nights at Top 40 radio.

Traditionally a boy’s club of sorts these two ladies – Silly Jilly of KKHH in Houston and Nessa of KYLD in San Francisco —  are proving that women can not only handle nights but score big ratings.

For me, the most interesting thing about these two women is their different approaches to their shows:

Nessa is very focused on celebrity news and Hollywood gossip. She says she works hard to study what’s going on in this world, have an opinion about it and lead a discussion with her audience.

Silly Jilly

Jilly says that her show is about what’s going on in her life and experiences friends and listeners are having. She wants to know about bad hook ups, great nights at the club and other life experiences. To do that she’s worked hard to learn how to refine a topic to get response from the audience.

The contrast of styles is interesting and neither is the right answer. Both can be very effective methods of building a show.

What does matter though is that both women work hard at their craft.

Nessa doesn’t just read a couple of blogs and throw open mic. Jilly doesn’t just talk about her day and hope people call in. They both work very hard at understanding what their audiences are interested in and how to cultivate a conversation that will lead to compelling radio.

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