Don’t Let Your Show Be Like Prometheus

Posted on June 15, 2012


Oh Ripley, where have ye gone?

I am glad my friend Christine and I settled on seeing “Prometheus” at an Imax theater. Seeing the truly stunning visuals on the giant screen was quite amazing.

What the Imax couldn’t fix however was the lack of characters worth caring about which, despite faithfully wearing my 3D glasses, made the whole experience pretty flat.

When I saw the original “Alien” movie I remember being on the edge of my seat the entire time both because it was suspenseful and because I wanted Sigourney Weaver and the other cast members to survive (Spoiler Alert: only Weaver does).

“Prometheus” has some of the same suspense — though to be honest not nearly as much — but not a single character I cared about. The two scientists who discovered the planet that the Prometheus traveled across space to investigate are not particularly likeable nor are any of the hapless crew that is along for the ride.

The movie is a visually amazing, multi-million dollar reminder of why it’s important to let your audience get to know you so they can bond with you and begin to care about what happens to you.

Otherwise they are more likely to spend time looking for holes in the plot — such as, for anyone who’s seen the movie, why two smart women would both continue to run directly under the narrow rolling spaceship when off to the side would be safer — instead of being engrossed in what you say.