The Best Super Bowl Spot Was From a Radio Guy

Posted on February 4, 2013


paul-harveyThe best spot in the Super Bowl by far goes to Dodge for the Ram Truck commercial that featured the voice of Paul Harvey. It was interesting to watch an entire party come to a halt as that spot progressed both because curiosity was building about who the commercial was for and because Harvey’s words were so powerful.

What a great reminder of the power of both radio’s ability to create imagery in a listener’s mind and how captivating a radio personality who really works at their craft can be.

If you chose that particular moment to go to the bathroom or were in a crowded bar where there was no sound, do yourself a favor and go here to watch the spot. Or better yet, go and click on the link but don’t watch the commercial, just listen to the audio and let Paul Harvey’s words create images in your mind.

PS: I know I haven’t written in a while but watch this space. The Talent Mechanic blog might just be making a comeback.

PPS: It was also great to see Kiss 103.5 here in Chicago buy the local spot coming out of halftime just after Beyonce performed. So nice to see a radio station market itself!