Be a Curator for Your Audience

Posted on April 13, 2012


If you think of a curator as being an old librarian telling you to hush or socially awkward museum worker talking about the unique forms of ink used in the 1700’s to paint pictures of trees you need to think again.

With so much information being posted online everyday, curating is being redefined by people who  filter content so that individuals see more of what they are interested in and less of what they aren’t.

As a host you have a unique opportunity to be a curator and, in doing so, build trust with your audience. If you consistently provide them with information — both via your show and through other channels like Facebook, blogs or Web sites — that they find interesting and relevant they will begin to trust you and, most likely, listen more frequently.

If you’ve never given any thought to what being a curator means or how to approach it, take three minutes to watch this video from a company called Percolate which builds content curation tools for businesses. It may inspire you to think more about how you curate content for your audience.