Celebrate Your Victories

Posted on April 16, 2012


My long-time friend and one-time employee Erin O’Malley posted this photo last week of a plaque she received from CBS commemorating ten years with the company as midday host at WBMX in Boston.

That’s a huge achievement in any industry and especially in radio. Congratulations Erin! I always knew, even way back when in Las Vegas, you were going to be a great talent.

I also think it’s great that the company recognized what she has achieved. All too often companies in every industry including broadcasting take their employees for granted.

But you can’t let that stop you from celebrating your achievements. Think back to when you started and mark your anniversary. Celebrate each year, each great ratings book or each great charity event but be sure to celebrate.

Too often in radio we take ourselves too seriously. Sure, it’s not the most stable industry but it today’s economy what is? Radio is still fun and it’s still a great way to make a living.

So, regardless of whether your company notices your anniversaries and achievements, make sure you pat yourself on the back for a moment. You deserve it.