Jim Gaffigan, Craig Ferguson and other Comics Who Get Twitter

Posted on November 14, 2011


While I was watching Michigan State beat Iowa this weekend I put together a Twitter list of comedians I like thinking it would be good to check out periodically when I need a laugh. You can see the list here.

Once I had it assembled I looked at the feed and found something very interesting.

Some of the comedians I had followed did just what I was hoping for; they made me laugh. For example:

  • Adam Ferrara (@adamferrara): 11-11-11. Dyslexics rejoice.
  • Demetri Martin (@demetrimartin): Male ladybugs have no idea they are trannies.
  • Doug Benson (@dougbenson) The Loraxis of Evil #childrensbooksmademoreinteresting
  • Craig Ferguson (@craigyferg): Playboy interviewed me but rejected my pictorial. Probably just as well.
  • Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan): “Hey, how about something more boring than a cucumber?” – Inventor of celery

But some others I added to the list, who shall remain nameless, tweeted nothing but updates about where they would be performing, when they would be performing, and how people could buy copies of their routines on DVD.

If you post to Twitter or Facebook to promote your show take a minute to consider this example.

Whether you are on the air or on a social media site, it’s still about content.