Will Niche Check-Ins Depose the Mayor of Jewel-Osco?

Posted on November 15, 2011


I said Mayor of Jewel, Not Mayor at Jewel

Just a little while ago it seemed like Foursquare was all the rage. Everyone was checking in from somewhere.

I even had the honor of being a friend of the guy who was the Mayor of our local Jewel-Osco grocery store.

Pretty impressive eh?

While it seems that check-ins have cooled off, the concept may just be going more niche according to a couple of posts at the J. Walter Thompson blog, JWT Intelligence.

For beer drinkers, a new Web site called Untappd enables members to, “see a feed of what others are drinking in real-time and where,” via posts from their iPhone or Android mobile devices.

The service is described as combining, “the friending system of Facebook, the check-in service of Foursquare and the sharing and rating function of Yelp.” The best part is friends can even “toast” each other.

Wine enthusiasts will soon have a similar platform available from Snooth.com via Facebook.

For folks who’d rather stay at home, GetGlue.com, which enables fans to check-in to their favorite television shows, launched a new partnership with “Entertainment Weekly and the Gap which gives viewers a 40% discount at the store when they check in to new fall TV shows recommended by the magazine.

Those who play along also get virtual status stickers such as “Fall TV Star” or “Showrunner.”

Yet, with all the listening I do, I’ve never once heard an airtalent ask me to check-in to their show.

I’m sure there is a listener out there who wants to be the “Mayor of Middays” and would brag about it to their friends.