5 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog or Your Show

Posted on November 11, 2011


It never fails.

Every time I take the time to try to learn to be a better blogger I end up channeling the advice I find into a post about being an airtalent.

And here we go again.

A recent post at Problogger.com titled, “10 Writing Mistakes That Will Guarantee Your Blogs Failure” contains five suggestions that are equally germane to being an airtalent.

So, with apologies to writer Gregory Ciotti of Sparringmind.com who wrote the original post here are five mistakes that both hosts and bloggers make: 

Mistake #1: You Have Nothing to Say

Your listeners want to hear what you have to say but this doesn’t mean that they are intrigued about what you had for lunch. Make sure you have something to say before you crack the mic. 

Mistake #2. You’reNot Being Specific 

Listeners benefit from details. They draw a stronger mental picture than generalities do. For example, consider which of these headlines is more attention grabbing: 

  1. How I Got A Lot Of Facebook Fans
  2. How I Grew My Facebook Fan Page To 6,683 Fans In 4 Months

Mistake #3:  Being Too Wordy

I’m not saying a long break is bad. I’m saying if it’s filled with a lot of fluff your listeners will tune out. Keep your breaks focused so they are easier for listeners to digest.  

Mistake #4: Being Repetitive 

The danger in repetition is not in your subject matter it’s in your presentation. Mix up your breaks and how you approach the information you are providing the audience otherwise your audience will get bored.  

Mistake #5: You don’t edit

Think your breaks through before you start talking. Consider what can be trimmed so that the entertainment value will come to the forefront. 

OK, mission accomplished. I’m a better blogger and you are a better airtalent.

Have a great weekend.