More Thoughts On Presidential Tweeting

Posted on February 21, 2012


After writing yesterday’s post, where I managed to create a thinly veiled premise linking President’s Day to Twitter, I got fascinated with President Obama’s Twitter account.

I scrolled though his last 30 tweets or so and, in a very unscientific study, grouped what I found into four types of tweets.

Interestingly, the majority of the tweets violate one of the basic rules of using social media. So who knows, maybe @barackobama will see this post and hire himself a Twitter Talent Mechanic.

Here’s what I found:

  • Campaign Promotion: About half the posts were straightforward tweets about how and why you should help the president campaign for re-election.
  • Agenda Promotion: The second biggest category were tweets promoting how the president’s policies and decisions have been good for the country.
  • Inspiration: The third biggest category were tweets with inspirational words from POTUS taken from his recent speeches and appearances.
  • Information: A couple of posts were simply informative. Updates about various things without any real agenda or promotional aspect.

I find it interesting that the two largest groups, which I titled campaign promotion and agenda promotion, violate the first rule of social media; people come to Facebook and Twitter to be part of a discussion not to have promotions blasted at them. I think it’s intersting that the majority of the President’s tweets do nothing to engage other people in discussion.

So President Obama, if you are listening, keep that in mind that when you use social media it’s best to talk to your audience not at them.