Lessons From Lin: Be Agressive, Protect Yourself

Posted on February 22, 2012


I see that NBA phenomenon Jeremy Lin has filed to trademark the phrase “Linsanity”.

Smart move seeing as the article on CBS news says two other people, who clearly have less to do with the national mania that Lin himself does, have also filed for the trademark.

This is a great example of two very important concepts:

1) Strike While the Iron is Hot: Lin could easily have sat back and assumed his popularity will continue. He could have waited until after the season to take care of business. But the fact is you never know how long something like this will last. If something you do on your show catches on, be sure to move quickly to maximize it.

2) Protect Yourself: Two other people tried to capitalize on Lin’s phrase. A reminder to be wary. If you have something of value, protect it. I don’t know much about copyright law and what should and shouldn’t be trademarked, but I know that anyone can register a web address leaving you to bargain for it or having to use a less desirable option.

Please notice, no Lin-related puns were included in the entirety of this post.

You’re welcome.