Consumers Want Experiences, So Give Them One

Posted on January 13, 2012


According to TIPPR, a company that does Deal-of-the-Day type programs, throughout the holiday season experiences were a more popular gift than goods.

According to an article and infographic on the Web site Digiday, TIPPR found that 80% of the most popular deals during the holiday season offered food, entertainment, or health and beauty services or, in other words, the chance to experience something.

I believe that’s indicative of today’s culture. The prices of many goods that were once thought of as luxury items have come down so far they are within reach of most consumers and for those who can’t afford them there is always credit.

But experiences are a different thing.

Everyone wants to enjoy a unique experience; to eat a great meal or see an awesome show and you can help.

Your show can be a conduit to great experiences for the listener.

As a host you get access to go backstage, do interviews and attend interesting events. Take your listeners along with you both literally and figuratively. Find ways to get them into situations where they can meet people they wouldn’t normally get near.

More importantly, bring your experiences back to the show. Talk about what happened, post pictures and shoot some video so the listeners can come along for the ride.

You can also be a conduit to great experiences. Use the power of the audience to get suggestions for everything from the best burger or pizza to a great massage or an adventurous trip. Anything you can do to help steer your listeners towards unique, memorable experiences will endear you to them.

Finally, make your show an experience.

Listening to interesting content presented from a unique perspective is an experience you can deliver that neither Pandora nor Groupon can duplicate.

Make your show an experience every day and people will keep coming back, I guarantee it.