Your Most Important Listeners: Hyperconnected Mouse Clicking Consumers

Posted on October 19, 2011


One of these three things is real: Santa Claus, free marketing for your show or the Death Star.

With apologies to Virginia and fanboys everywhere it’s the free marketing.

To get it you just have to do something people will talk about.

Here’s proof.

A recent article at detailed an experiment where one family agreed to secretly promote certain brands to their friends.

It worked.

This one couple was able to influence the buying habits of an estimated 13,000 people.

Within that group, nine out of ten brands the couple promoted were purchased and one saw sales increase by 1000%.

The experiment was conducted as research for the book “Brandwashed,” by consumer behavior expert  Martin Lindstrom.

He says, “Today the most powerful force in marketing is not a corporation.  It’s not a CEO. It’s not a big-budget marketing department. Today and in  the future, the people who hold the real power are  hyperconnected, mouse-clicking consumers and their wide circles of  virtual and real-life friends and acquaintances.”

And those people, the “hyperconnected, mouse-clicking consumers” with “wide circles of  virtual and real-life friends and acquaintances” are in your audience.

All you have to do is stand out. Get them to talk about your show. You can see the potential results.