Breaking News: Dove Spotlights Female D.J.s

Posted on August 29, 2011


For a fleeting moment I thought I had scooped all the radio trades.

According to a New York Times article, a new ad campaign for Dove was going to be using, “women disc jockeys to attract young consumers to its newest deodorant products.”

No one had this story.

I hadn’t gotten any sort of breaking news alert from All Access or and those come in by the truckload.

According to Kathy O’Brien, a vice president for Dove’s parent company Unilever, “Women disc jockeys are the newest trend setters for music, fashion and popular culture.”

Nothing in RAMP, FMQB or Jockline Daily.

O’Brien added, “These 20-something D.J.’s are arbiters of what’s cool and fresh in music, fashion and pop culture. They are sharing personal stories, style secrets and music insights they have gathered by having the pulse of all that is cool.”

Nothing from Larry Shannon’s RadioTVDaily (who’s kind enough to link to my posts; thanks again Larry) or RBR.

Joe Maceda of Mindshare, the ad agency that created the campaign, said using D.J.’s gave Dove credibility because these women are influential with young consumers, “The D.J.’s are real girls who are culturally relevant. They aggregate ideas about movements, fashion and, of course, music.”

Unbelievable! The New York Times and I have scooped every well-connected radio industry trade.

Then I clicked on the link to see the Web site for the new campaign and I discovered why the trades hadn’t reported on this story.

The three women in Dove’s campaign aren’t on the radio; they spin in clubs.


Well, for what it’s worth, if you are a host — female or male — go back and re-read all the quotes I took from the article.

They pretty much lay out a blueprint for how to be a successful talent no matter what medium you work in.