Royal Family Upheaval: Cash is Now Queen

Posted on August 26, 2011


Traditionally, during any discussion of radio contesting, it seemed like an FCC requirement that someone in the room utter the words, “cash is king.”

Now, according to a new study of more than 2000 women all of whom are radio listeners, it appears cash is queen too.

The study by Alan Burns and Associates uncovered a notable shift in women’s priorities.

Previously, when asked what they needed the most, women said more time. Now, after years of an uncertain economy that has changed to more money.

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s great but my station doesn’t have any budget for cash giveaways.”

You never had a budget for time giveaways either.

There are plenty of ways to engage your audience on the topic of money:

  • Tips and Tricks: There are a lot of Web sites focused on tips for saving money. A couple of my favorite are The Consumerist and Daily Finance (the new home of Wallet Pop which I really liked). Look through their content and share the good stuff.
  • Daily Deals: If your station isn’t doing its own discount programs with advertisers subscribe to all the local Groupon-type emails and post them somewhere. You can even let listener’s do the work. Ask them to post good deals on your Facebook page.
  • Coupons: My good friend Michelle Matthews started a blog about coupons which led to her doing weekly hits on four morning shows in the five-station cluster where she is the OM. Learn more about Michelle’s Money Savers here.
  • Time is Still Money: Just because women’s top priority has shifted from time to money doesn’t mean their day is any less busy. Suggestions for saving time are still valuable and you can find a lot of them at Lifehacker.

Be a good resource for your audience and I’m sure they will show their gratitude, by tuning in more often.