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Cmon! Make a Video. Everybody’s Doing It.

March 28, 2012


I’ve already written a couple of posts talking about how hosts should be creating video content to augment their on-air efforts. You are out of excuses. There is a video camera in everyone’s phone, you can download free easy-to-use editing software for nearly any device you own and YouTube is readily available for you to post the content […]

No One Cares What You Did This Weekend, Mostly

November 1, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about the value of establishing an on-air persona your audience can identify with and the value of occasionally stepping out of character. But I want to clarify something about the example I used; the fact that I actually shot a gun. While I used it as a vehicle to make my point, I noted […]

Have Your Own TV Show

January 19, 2011


As brutal as it can be at times, I am a big fan of improv. It’s not always funny and there is plenty of bad troupes but when it’s good it’s amazing. I also believe the skills necessary to be a successful improviser translate well to being a radio personality. Being able to react quickly, […]

Who’s In Your Heavy Rotation

December 14, 2010


Since the dawn of Top 40 radio the charts have been a resource for program directors in all formats helping track whats popular across the country. Now Billboard, the holy grail of chart keeping, has announced a new chart that is actually valuable for talent. The venerable magazine turned Web site has launched The Social 50, which […]

Social Media in 4:30

October 28, 2010


One recurring theme that comes up when I talk with airtalent is the concept of using social media to build a personal brand that goes beyond just what listeners hear on your show. This isn’t a new idea by any means; successful personalities have worked to become multimedia stars for years through charity work, live performances, […]