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Three Notable Quotes from the 2012 Conclave

July 23, 2012


Last week at The Conclave in Minneapolis I sat in on a panel discussions that yielded three really interesting quotes I wanted to share with you: 1) “Efficiency is the new brevity” (Mike McVay / Cumulus Media) Mike’s point is that a great talk break isn’t about brevity. If you need two minutes to tell […]

Word to Your Mother: A Reminder to Talk to One Person

June 11, 2012


A couple of days ago I saw this Facebook post from Dana Lucas who currently works part-time at Mix 101.9 here in Chicago and once upon a time was my go to fill-in person on Q101: Dana Fact: When I am on air I pretend only my mom is listening. I thoroughly convince myself that […]

Farmville Radio. Why Not?

May 9, 2011


While radio may be considered to be old, traditional media by today’s standards we’ve got nothing on farming when it comes to old and traditional. That’s why I hate being shown up by a farmer. A while back I wrote a post about “U Mix It,” the new night show at WTMX/Chicago that gives the listeners […]

A TV Show The Viewers Direct

March 1, 2011


I recenty posted a story about WTMX/Chicago turning its night show over the listeners using Listener Driven Radio, crowd-sourcing program, to let the audience pick the songs that hit the air. Now Current TV, Al Gore’s network,  has taken the concept further turning an entire television series over to the audience. The show, Bar Karma, lets viewers participate in […]

Novel Idea: Giving the Listeners Control

February 18, 2011


One thing that always mystified me about radio was the abject fear in people’s eyes, mostly programming and management types, whenever the idea of giving the listener’s actual control of the music would come up in a discussion. I’ve known PD’s who insisted on faking requests in the all-request lunch hour. Other’s pre-determined which bands […]