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We Need Radio DJ Barbie

April 20, 2012


I wasn’t looking for this, I swear. I had watched a Wall Street Journal video about the reality of self-driving cars and while I was ruminating on the implications the player rolled over to the next clip about the state of Barbie on her 53rd birthday. What surprised me is how similar Barbie is to […]

How to Read the Diaper Index

October 24, 2011


The Diaper Index may be the most honest and frightening indicator of the real state of the economy. According to the Wall Street Journal parents are actually buying fewer diapers per baby in an effort to cut costs. The report about parents that are actually rationing diapers on a per-day basis as opposed to an as-needed one accompanies an article about how frugal has […]

Ana Faris and Kristen Wiig Say Women Can Be Raunchy Too

September 13, 2011


The rules are very clear. Rule 1: guys like gross-out humor and sex talk. Rule 2: women prefer clean, family friendly content. Rule 2a: Women accept a little dash of innuendo in their comedy but not too much. Don’t go too far or you risk offending their fragile sensibilities. Apparently Ana Faris and Kristen Wiig didn’t read the rule book. First came “Bridesmaids” which Wiig wrote and starred in with […]