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S’more Good Promotion Ideas: Backyard Camping

February 15, 2012


If you are looking for a quick and easy promotion idea for this spring here’s something a little different; backyard camping. According to an article in Springwise, a new company in New Jersey is hosting backyard camping events at their customers’ homes. Tents, sleeping bags and lighting are set up and there is an option for outdoor movie […]

Hold It Right There! Drop the iPhone and Back Away Slowly

September 8, 2011


Imagine the horror! You find yourself trapped in a world with no Facebook, Twitter, email or text messages. No internet connection, no laptops, no tablets, no smartphones. Not even an old Motor0la Razr anywhere. You are completely cut off, unavailable… unplugged. It actually sounds kind of nice doesn’t it? The Marriott Renaissance hotel in Pittsburgh thinks so. They are offering a special […]

Beer Tag is Not the New Beer Pong

April 22, 2011


Leave it to Chicagoans to develop the newest beer-related technology: beer tags. Beer tags are essentially wine charms for the rest of us. Instead of some snooty, pewter charm wrapped around the stem of a wine glass, beer tags are specially coated, water-resistant paper tags that fit over the neck of a beer bottle. Just like […]


December 17, 2010


First off, for anyone who likes creative ideas I recommend checking out Springwise, it’s a Web site that tracks creative new ideas and products. It frequently has a lot of interesting content. The most recent entry to catch my eye was the Causes Gift Card, an actual, physical gift card that, “lets the recipient decide which […]