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Maybe You Should Be So Dramatic

April 24, 2012


The next time someone tells you not to be so dramatic let them in on this little statistic; according to a new Nielsen report TV dramas account for 41% of all prime time viewing while reality TV accounts for just 16%. Sports is actually the second most viewed type of programming with 22%, sit-coms get 11% and […]

Mickelson vs. Tiger: The Value of Your Reputation

April 11, 2012


Here’s something I wouldn’t have expected; when it comes to general marketability of professional golfers Phil Mickelson is miles ahead of Tiger Woods. According to the research company Nielsen and another company called E-Poll who’s N-Score measurement is all about determining endorsement potential for stars, Mickelson has a score of 75 while Woods is at just 41. The world is […]

The Super Bowl by the Numbers

February 8, 2012


Here are a few statistics about the Super Bowl audience worth noting: 1) According to an Edison Media research study 23.1 million people listened to the game on the radio. The game aired on over 680 radio stations in the US and listeners tuned in from all different locations including their home, in the car and at work. […]

It’s Who You Know: The Value of Local Bloggers

March 21, 2011


Be more local! You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Be more local! Probably the most frustrating suggestion/edict most airtalent face is being told to add more local content to the show. Lucky for you, it’s not as tough as it used to be. A while back I posted a note about LocaFollow, which can help […]