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Let’s Stop Playing the Name Game

August 7, 2012


The bells have rung. Times have changed. Listeners are smarter and more savvy about media than ever before. And therefore they are more skeptical too. Because of this, over and over again, the best hosts and programmers now say its important to connect with your audience in a real way. Have a conversation with them, be […]

Audience Limiting Decisions

May 8, 2012


I used to work with a sales manager named Chad Haldeman who often joked about not making a C.L.D. – Career Limiting Decision. You know screaming at the boss or going on the air drunk; things that could get you fired. As a host it’s also possible to make a A.L.D. – audience limiting decision […]

Famous Lies: The Check’s in the Mail and Q101 Needs Facebook Fans

September 19, 2011


Sayings like “The check’s in the mail,” “This will only take a minute,” “It’s not me it’s you,” or “I’ll pay you back on Tuesday,” don’t work well in the world of social media where rule number one when it comes to marketing is, “be honest.” This is not revolutionary advice. Discussions of the value […]

Fear and (Self) Loathing in Radio

August 22, 2011


Recently, as I was riding the blue line train on my way to O’Hare for a flight, I saw a billboard for WJMK which is part of the CBS cluster in Chicago. The billboard was all black with two lines of copy: “104.3 K-Hits” and “the greatest hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.” It was […]

Paul McCartney Still Rehearses, Merlin Media Doesn’t

August 1, 2011


Two exciting events took place in Chicago this weekend: Merlin Media launched an all-news format on the 101.1 frequency replacing Q101 and Paul McCartney played the first of two shows at Wrigley Field. Living in Chicago just a few blocks from Wrigley Field I was able to hear the beginning of both. One went smoothly, one […]

Who Has Better Lawyers: Dan Mason or Kim Kardashian?

July 22, 2011


The legal teams of CBS Radio and Kim Kardashian have both been busy. Kardashian and her legal team are suing Old Navy for more than $15 million. Mason and the CBS legal team sent a cease and desist order to Merlin Media, the new owner of the station that used to be Q101 in Chicago. Kardashian is upset because the […]