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Pain, Fear and Mean Mr. Mustard

June 26, 2012


In his iMedia Connection article “The Truth About Engagement,” Joseph Carrabas, the Founder & Chief Research Officer for NextStage Evolution discusses how a person’s unconscious mind works hard to keep out distractions so we can concentrate. Carrabas says there are some things the unconscious mind let’s through its barriers, “Examples include our child’s cry of pain […]

How Online Superfans are a Lot Like P1 Listeners

February 16, 2012


You know an article is good when the “bonus tips” at the end are worthy of a blog entry. If you want to read a good piece on using social media to market and expand your brand check out “5 Ways Brands Create Superfans” from iMedia Connection. As I read it one thing that struck me […]

Gatorade For Your Show Prep

December 1, 2011


In yesterday’s post I talked about the concept of recycling your material into different forms such as using bits to drive blog posts and turning listener comments into new topics. The latter idea follows right along with the concepts Will Price lays out in an iMedia Connection article about how advertisers like Gatorade are learning to adjust […]

It’s Who You Know: The Value of Local Bloggers

March 21, 2011


Be more local! You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Be more local! Probably the most frustrating suggestion/edict most airtalent face is being told to add more local content to the show. Lucky for you, it’s not as tough as it used to be. A while back I posted a note about LocaFollow, which can help […]