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Defending the Medium: Radio Already is Great

March 2, 2012


Yesterday, one of my Talent Mechanic clients passed along an article from the AOL Daily Finance page titled “Why Terrestrial Radio Will Never Be Great Again.” I hate articles like this. Not because they assassinate the medium I enjoy being a part of but because it does so without any regard for the facts. Here […]

New Year, New Vision: Revisiting Clear Channel’s DeRegulation Dreams

January 2, 2012


This post initially ran on October 27 just after Clear Channel made some pretty sweeping cuts in the programming departments of many smaller market stations. As more centralized programming will undoubtedly be a recurring theme in 2012 I thought it was worth revisiting. New posts will return to Free Estimates: the Talent Mechanic Blog tomorrow. Let’s […]

Clear Channel’s New Vision: Deregulation Dreams Realized

October 27, 2011


Let’s take a second and put yesterday’s Clear Channel cutbacks and today’s National Programming Platforms Team announcement in historical perspective. It’s been 15 years since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and we may finally be seeing the vision of deregulation being fully realized. Here’s a history lesson for those of you who don’t remember: The Telecommunications […]

If Hank Williams Jr. is “Extreme” You Need a Better Hook

October 5, 2011


When I took over KXPK in Denver the station was having an identity crisis. In an effort to drive a wedge into Clear Channel’s cluster of rock stations the management team had put Howard Stern on in morning drive. Then they discovered the other 19 hours of the day needed good programming too. My first suggestion, which should surprise no one, was call the station “Extreme […]

Great Minds Blog Alike

April 26, 2011


A while ago I wrote a post about the value of using local bloggers as a resource for show content. Well, leave it to my good friend Michelle Matthews, operations manager for the five-station Clear Channel cluster in Omaha and morning host on KQBW, “The Brew,” to provide me with a great example. Of course, because Michelle always has to over-achieve, she is both the […]