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The Japanese Earthquake: How You (and Your Listeners) Can Help

March 14, 2011


One place radio has always shined is finding ways to help people affected by devastating circumstances such as the tragic earthquake and tsunami Japan experienced on Friday. There are a number of ways you can rally your audience to help out but there are also a number of pitfalls to avoid. Do This: Work with Established Organizations: […]

Opt-In: The Quit Smoking Club

March 10, 2011


According to a study published in the medical journal “Health Psychology,” smokers had an easier time quitting when they participated in a program where they received eight text messages a day which monitored craving levels, moods and actual cigarette use. The theory behind the study is that quitting a habit like smoking is not something that fills every […]

Support Detroit: Have a Beer with Kid Rock

January 21, 2011


I recently attended Kid Rock’s 40th birthday party. Don’t be too impressed it wasn’t particularly exclusive, it was at Ford Field, where the Lions play, and included another 52,000 of his closest friends.  Whether you are a Kid Rock fan or not you have to admit the man puts on a show. He had a bunch of […]


December 17, 2010


First off, for anyone who likes creative ideas I recommend checking out Springwise, it’s a Web site that tracks creative new ideas and products. It frequently has a lot of interesting content. The most recent entry to catch my eye was the Causes Gift Card, an actual, physical gift card that, “lets the recipient decide which […]

WGN-AM: A Bride’s Best Friend

November 18, 2010


It is deeply embedded in the DNA of radio stations to rise to the occasion in the face of tragedy. Not only is our medium the primary conduit for transmitting information during an emergency we have also proven repeatedly that we can quickly motivate our audiences to help people displaced by tragedies in our own […]

Positive PR and a Free Coaching Session

August 25, 2010


It drives me crazy that the majority of mainstream press about the radio industry is always negative. For example, the recent Dr. Laura controversy has not only been covered in the L.A. Times but has now made the leap to Comedy Central receiving a rather lengthy treatment by the Daily Show. You see the clip here. If you […]