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News Stations: Don’t Turn off the Transmitter Yet

April 5, 2012


Buried deep in the Pew Research Center’s annual State of the News Media 2012 report is an interesting statistic about how people consume news; and it’s one that bodes well for mainstream mediums like radio. What first grabbed my attention was this little gem, “Just 9% of digital news consumers say they ‘very often’ follow news […]

Could You Work at

April 4, 2012


I just discovered a site that features four channels of programming described as interactive digital magazines with live radio streams. The channels have unique names like “#allin,””Meta,” “Downhome” and “Indigo” and, while they parallel familiar radio formats, have their own unique spin. In addition to music each channel features articles and content relevant to the target audience. What really caught my attention was this posting on the jobs […]

Fame Part 2: The Benefit of Making Other People Famous

April 3, 2012


Yesterday I posted a story about a game where one winner each day gets 24 hours of fame with thousands of new Twitter followers. You can get the lowdown on how it all works here. My initial thought in yesterday’s post was about how important it would be to maximize your time in the spotlight […]

If You Were Famous for 24 Hours

April 2, 2012


This new game “Twitter Fame” is a fascinating concept. Here’s how it works: Players link their Twitter account to the game through this Web page. Each day at noon one person is selected as the winner of the day. For the next 24 hours everyone who is playing will be set up to automatically follow the winner. Whatever they […]

A Lesson from the Podcast Answer Man

March 29, 2012


While he may very well be a competitor to Talent Mechanic, I recently came across a story that talked about the success of Cliff Ravenscraft, also known as The Podcast Answer Man. According to an article in the Social Media Examiner, Ravenscraft started his first podcast in 2006 because he wanted to talk about the show […]

Cmon! Make a Video. Everybody’s Doing It.

March 28, 2012


I’ve already written a couple of posts talking about how hosts should be creating video content to augment their on-air efforts. You are out of excuses. There is a video camera in everyone’s phone, you can download free easy-to-use editing software for nearly any device you own and YouTube is readily available for you to post the content […]

Pinned: What Your Audience Really Cares About

March 19, 2012


Here’s something worth considering before you start your show prep today. According to a article, the business intelligence firm RJ Metrics has compiled the top ten categories people are creating boards for on the hottest new social media site going; Pinterest. These are topics people are interested enough in to compile articles, photos and other materials in an organized […]

More Thoughts On Presidential Tweeting

February 21, 2012


After writing yesterday’s post, where I managed to create a thinly veiled premise linking President’s Day to Twitter, I got fascinated with President Obama’s Twitter account. I scrolled though his last 30 tweets or so and, in a very unscientific study, grouped what I found into four types of tweets. Interestingly, the majority of the tweets violate one of the […]

A President’s Day Guide to Better Tweeting

February 20, 2012


Since I don’t need any new sheets  or pillow cases, I’m not going to completely take President’s Day off but, since it’s a federal holiday, I am going to take it a little bit easy by borrowing some content for this post. As you may know, in addition to this blog I also write a weekly newsletter […]

How Online Superfans are a Lot Like P1 Listeners

February 16, 2012


You know an article is good when the “bonus tips” at the end are worthy of a blog entry. If you want to read a good piece on using social media to market and expand your brand check out “5 Ways Brands Create Superfans” from iMedia Connection. As I read it one thing that struck me […]