Amy Schumer on Being a Great Airtalent

Posted on April 30, 2013


Stand-up comedienne Amy Schumer’s new show debuts tonight on Comedy Central and, amidst the hype, I came across an interview she did for Esquire where she, in a manner of speaking, talked about how to be an effective airtalent. She talks about how she feels that it is almost a responsibility to share whatever is going on in her world — even in her sex life — with the audience.

Here’s the excerpt that caught my eye:

amy schumer twoESQ: Is it difficult to open up about your sex life to  millions of people?

AS: I feel a responsibility to share that part of myself.  Not everybody does that, and I like the thought that someone will hear a story  and it will make them laugh and it will make them feel better and less dirty or  ashamed. And I’m not ashamed. I feel comfortable with myself and my actions.  I’ve been slutty. I’ve also been in long-term relationships. So I hope that it  makes people feel better. It’s worth it for me to share that stuff. I’ve done  some things I’m embarrassed about, and I like to tell people about them so that  maybe they feel less embarrassed or alone when they do something they’re unsure  about.

Turning on the mic and sharing yourself with your audience is one of the most powerful things a host can do. Now, of course, we have limits especially when it comes to sex but this isn’t about a specific topic, it’s about an approach to generating content that the audience will find captivating and be able to relate to.

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