Make Your Content Lead to Action

Posted on August 8, 2012


“In any communication experience, the goal should be  to influence people to take action.”

Kelly Decker, executive VP of Decker Communications

Kelly Decker of Decker Communications

I came across that quote in a recent edition of Business Insider’s Instant MBA and couldn’t get over how appropriate it is to not only the type of business presentation Decker was discussing but to what an airtalent does every day during a show.

When it comes to your listeners the action you want them to take could be something as simple as laughing or stealing your opinion for their own or it could be supporting a local charity or purchasing a product from a sponsor. Whatever it is you should know what action you want the listeners to take before you open the mic.

Decker suggests that you, “Consider what it is that you want them to walk away with. During a meeting or presentation, think about the actions you want the listeners to take. This way, you’re leaving a lasting impression on the people you speak to.” She adds that every communication experience should have: a clear point of view, a specific action, and benefit.

Keep that in mind every time you open the mic and you’ll do a great show.

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