You Are What You Read

Posted on July 26, 2012


In addition great literature and poetry this might also be worth reading.

In last week’s Billboard Top 40 Update I interviewed Roy Williams, the copy writing and advertising guru known to many people as The Wizard of Ads.

When I asked him for suggestions on how to write better scripts for radio ads he had replied that behind every great writer was a great reader, “Most people read crap so they write badly—they don’t fill their mind with interesting words in brilliant order. Read better stuff by better authors and that will begin to shape your voice.”

He also suggested poetry as an alley to explore, “The only writers in the history of the world whose stated objective is to change how a reader is thinking or feeling in the fewest possible words are poets.”

I know that show prep requires reading a lot of news sites, blogs and other articles but it also seems smart to take Williams advice and dedicate some time to reading great authors and poets. Seeing how they tell stories and arrange words could really help you find new ways to communicate your ideas to the audience.