Three Notable Quotes from the 2012 Conclave

Posted on July 23, 2012


Last week at The Conclave in Minneapolis I sat in on a panel discussions that yielded three really interesting quotes I wanted to share with you:

1) “Efficiency is the new brevity” (Mike McVay / Cumulus Media)

Mike’s point is that a great talk break isn’t about brevity. If you need two minutes to tell a really compelling story than take two minutes. It’s about efficiency within that two minutes. Make sure you only share the important details that illustrate the point you are trying to make in a concise manner.

2) “Everything we do is designed to create a conversational element” (Eric Ferguson / WTMX)

Eric explained that everything they talk about on the Eric and Kathy morning show is designed to cause discussion with and amongst the listeners. It could drive them to call the station, comment on social media or talk with their friends and colleagues. If your content isn’t causing the listeners to think and discuss you are probably missing the mark.

3) “If you feel a bit going south, it already went south” (Dave Ryan / KDWB)

Remember that your audience is less interested in what you are talking about then you are. If you are starting to get bored its past time to end the bit because your audience has already started leaving.

That was a lot of good advice in one 50-minute panel.