Memories of Tony Packos

Posted on July 11, 2012


One of the most exciting parts of my midwest vacation last week was getting to eat at Tony Packos Hungarian Hot Dogs in Toledo. After having heard about it for years I was thrilled to finally get to try it out.

But as I’ve been telling people about that part of my adventure it turns out very few people I know have heard of Tony Packos. Apparently they never watched MASH or at least don’t remember the restaurant that Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger spoke of so fondly.

MASH was one of the most-watched shows in the history of television and has been in reruns nearly constantly ever since it went off the air. Yet very few people I talk to seem to remember Klinger or his constant references to Tony Packos.

It’s a good reminder that cultural references are fleeting and how important it is to be sure that what you are referencing on the air will resonate with your audience not just your friends who also watched MASH.

And if you are ever in the Toledo area, regardless of whether or not you watched MASH, go to Tony Packos. The hot dogs are amazing and the chicken chili is fantastic.