Timely Does Not Equal Interesting

Posted on July 9, 2012


I guarantee none of these lifeguards got fired for leaving the restricted zone.

There were no new posts last week because I was on a multiple day road trip around the midwest and, not surprisingly, I heard some really bad radio hosts.

Like the one on the last day of our trip who opened the mic and started talking about the lifeguard who was fired for saving someone outside of his “coverage zone.” If you haven’t already come across this a dozen times you can read the full story here.

First off, by the time this woman cracked the mic to talk about the story it was already several days old. I had seen it posted by numerous people in my Facebook and Twitter news feeds. So it wasn’t all that timely.

Worse yet, she had nothing new to say about it.  She had no unique opinion or observation. She just recounted the story, harumphed her indignance at how wrong the firing was and said she hoped someone would hire the guy (For the record the guy has had numerous job offers but announced he wasn’t going back to lifeguarding; something she would have known if she had read the most updated version of the story before going on the air).

Then she ended the break with something to the effect of, “whether you are on the water or not have a great summer and be safe out there.” Gosh, thanks!

News moves too fast for you to just regurgitate the facts and add nothing. If you want people to really listen and pay attention to what you have to say add something to the discussion. Otherwise just play another song.