The Web Site Your Station (or Show) Needs

Posted on June 25, 2012


When was the last time you got anything this cool from a radio station site?

Ever had this thought: “Why does the radio station (or my show) even need a Website? We interact with our fans on Facebook. Why would they come visit the station (show) site?”

Just like with everything else we do, the key is content.

Most station (show) Web sites today don’t offer the one thing our listeners want most: unique, compelling content.

Sure there’s a lot of material on most station Web sites but none of it is unique or all that compelling. And everything on those sites that is intriguing gets cross posted to Facebook making the site superfluous.

If you want to see what a Web site can be, take a look at the Mountain Dew site for the new Batman movie. The URL is

It has places to customize photos, design your own version of the Bat Mobile and access to information about the movie that isn’t posted other places. Visitors can win badges and amass points toward special limited-edition swag.

Even if you aren’t a fan go spend some time playing around on the site.

Then take a few minutes to think about how a radio station (show) site could be redesigned to be interesting and compelling for listeners so they would be inclined to visit more often.

Then you’ll understand why radio Web sites could still be important when your listeners are on Facebook.