Stealing from Sweden

Posted on June 20, 2012


A recent segment of Steven Colbert’s show focused on his attempt to take control of Sweden’s official Twitter account for one week.

The idea isn’t as far-fetched as it might initially seem. Apparently control of Sweden’s official account @Sweden  is controlled by a new Swedish citizen each week. While the government is resisting giving Colbert who’s not a Swede control it does spark an interesting idea: why not give control of your Twitter account to a listener for a day?

Think about how many people in your audience, and thousands more who aren’t regular listeners that get wind of the idea, would be interested in taking over your Twitter for a day or even a daypart.

You could have listeners sign up online and propose what sort of content they would send out while they had control. It’s a great opportunity for them and, of course, I imagine a lot of their friends and followers would sign up to follow your account at least for a while.

Take it a step further and make your Twitter feed available to a charitable organization for a few hours. I’ll bet you’ll net more new followers if they promote it to their database then you’ll annoy with information about a charity, and a lot of your new peeps will be potential new listeners.

Sure, there’s a risk. They could be a jerk and tweet stuff that isn’t appropriate but if they did you could just lock them out. Problem solved.

It’s worth considering. We often talk about giving listeners control of the air via requests but why not let them take over your social media for a few minutes? If nothing else it’s less content you’ll need to generate that day.