Word to Your Mother: A Reminder to Talk to One Person

Posted on June 11, 2012


A couple of days ago I saw this Facebook post from Dana Lucas who currently works part-time at Mix 101.9 here in Chicago and once upon a time was my go to fill-in person on Q101:

Dana Fact: When I am on air I pretend only my mom is listening. I thoroughly convince myself that this is true. Thinking that more than my mom is listening causes me to get insanely nervous and freaked out. I have after all only been doing this for twelve years.

I asked her if that meant she thought of her show as talking to her mom for four hours? Here’s what she replied:

I absolutely do! I figure if it’s interesting to my mom, it’s interesting and it keeps my tone casual and friendly. Plus I go into the break thinking that person I am talking to wants to hear what I am going to say so it makes me more confident. I know it sounds a little weird given that I was one rock stations for years, but she likes rock and all types of music so it has always worked!

What a great way to think about doing a show!

That level of one-to-one communication is what makes radio so great and the added confidence of believing the person you are talking to wants to hear what you have to say only makes it better.

It doesn’t have to be your mom but think about that one person you enjoy talking to and imagine they are the only person on the receiving end of your show. I can almost guarantee it will make a difference in how you communicate your thoughts and result will be a more direct and personal form of communication; the best type for radio.

Thanks Dana.