Be an Audience Organizer

Posted on June 4, 2012


Getting people to sign a petition is a time-honored way to call attention to an issue. It’s also been a tedious and difficult process until now.

Today, with online sites like, it’s easier than ever to organize a movement and get people’s participation. According to an article on the JTW Intelligence blog, as online petitions become common more marketers and brands are becoming sensitive to these online movements.

What hasn’t changed is that the tough part of a successful petition is getting enough signatures from interested people to actually matter. It might not require standing on a street corner trying to get people to sign a piece of paper on a clipboard it still means rallying the troops to your cause.

For most people that means working their network of friends and family and asking them to do the same. But hosts have an audience that can rally around a cause if you marshal them.

This isn’t something to start lightly and you can’t have a new petition each week with any hope of being successful. But, pick a topic that matters to your audience, rally them to participate, promote what you are doing and you just might be able to accomplish something good.

Oh, by the way, remember how easy this is when you are considering flaming a particular group on the air. Remember it’s now that much easier for offended audience members to organize around their complaints about you.