Improve Your “Once Upon a Time” Skills

Posted on May 25, 2012


It’s great when the various pieces of my far-flung enterprises connect.

For instance, this article I wrote for the Billboard Top 40 Update this week that’s all about how to be a better storyteller; an art form that every host can benefit to study a little more closely.

Here’s a few great thoughts from the piece:

  • You want to end the story like a gymnast by nailing the dismount. Stories need to have a great ending not just trail off.
  • Try to make the universal personal. Audiences have a hard time relating to people starving in another country but can understand how they felt after missing a meal.
  • Show is more powerful than tell. People don’t remember facts and figures, they remember anecdotes that illustrate a point.

Being a good storyteller is tougher than ever due to multi-tasking listenes with short attention spans. Taking some time to hone your approach and understand what works best can only help.