Maximizing the Facebook Timeline

Posted on May 24, 2012


It may surprise you to find out I don’t spend much time on the Facebook page of Nothing against the site it’s just not one of my usual haunts.

So I’m glad an article on about how to maximize the Facebook timeline layout led me there. Anyone who uses Facebook to reach customers — or in the case of a host to reach listeners — should take a look.

Here’s what stands out to me:

1) Make “About” Work for You: They have edited the “about” section, which is always the top left box, to promote their site giving it great prominence at the top. According to the article this is easily done, “Click on “About,” then mouse over the upper-right corner near your About section until you see the Edit button with the pencil. Click Edit to fill in your About  section.

2) Maximize the Other Widgets: Notice how the boxes next to photos have benefits for their readers. I’m fairly sure you can’t move the photos box but you can certainly maximize the other ones. Consider the different elements of your show that you could highlight in these boxes.

3) Great Content: Look at what they post on their page and you’ll notice a lot of it drives discussion. Topics like “Would you date a guy shorter than you” or which look do you like better for Michelle Rodriguez aren’t anything I’m likely to comment on but it clearly works for them. The former got 65 comments in less than 40 minutes while the latter was up over 200 comments in 11 hours.

And for the record I would not date a guy shorter than me, though that’s primarily driven by not wanting to date a guy at all.