Look at Yourself (and Your Show) in the Mirror

Posted on May 1, 2012


It’s interesting to me how many articles about being successful on a new media platform — blogs, Facebook, etc. — focus on the same traits that make successful hosts.

Yet another example comes from this Click Z article about evaluating your social media presence.

Writer Lee Odden challenges his readers to take a serious look at their overall social media efforts to determine how truly successful they are. Here are some of the things he suggests considering which apply equally well to radio hosts.

1) Who are you? Odden asks readers to consider what they want to be known for. It’s a great question and worth considering for your show.

2) What makes you special? He also asks about how your “unique selling proposition” is being incorporated into your social media content. Take out the words “social media” and ask yourself the same question about your show.

3) Look in the mirror. Odden recommends looking at the last 20 updates you’ve posted and think about what they collectively say about you. Excellent advice. Not enough hosts go back and listen to their own shows. You should try it.

4) What’s it like to experience you? Odden writes, “Rather than viewing each tweet, update, comment, or blog post as a standalone engagement effort, think about how others will view the cumulative of your social engagement.” Take the time to consider what a person who listens to your show regularly is getting. Think about what perceptions of you they may have and what they really know about you.

It’s worth the time to stop and consider the persona you are putting out over the airwaves. If you have a hard time quantifying that personality or don’t like what you see let me know. A good talent mechanic could help.