Motivation from Pinterest Co-Founder Ben Silbermann

Posted on April 30, 2012


Pinterest's co-founder says he is focused on his product because consumers deserve something that is worthy of their time.

Doing a radio show (or any other job) five or six days a week can be a real grind.

I don’t mean just showing up and reading liner cards in between saying what song you just played and what song is coming up next.

I mean doing a show with great content, audience interaction, social media presence and everything else that goes into entertaining an audience.

So here’s a reminder from Ben Silbermann, co-founder of the rapidly growing social media site Pinterest, about why you should strive to do a great show everyday.

In a recent interview at the South by Southwest interactive conference, talking about why he obsesses more over Pinterest’s product than potential revenue generating strategies, Silbermann said, “If you don’t give [consumers] something that’s worth their time they shouldn’t give you their time.”

It’s really that simple.

Your listeners (or customers in any business) have a limited amount of time and attention they can devote to you. Give them something that’s worth their time everyday or you have no reason to expect them to stick around.