Paraprosdokians: A Host’s Best Friend

Posted on April 25, 2012


Many different crunches affect the abs. My favorite is Nestle.”

That is called a paraprosdokian which, according to this column on is a two-part sentence  where the first seems normal and the second changes the meaning of the first part in a surprising or shocking way.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard the term. I hadn’t either until yesterday when I wrote this post.

Here are some more examples of the concept but be warned, since I found the column on, they are mostly jewish-style humor:

  • “Oy, the food here is terrible… and such small portions!”
  • “Darling, for our anniversary let’s go eat someplace we’ve never been before… the kitchen.”
  •  “They made that suit to order? Oy, so the man never picked it up.”
  • “She got her good looks from her father… the plastic surgeon.”
  • “You don’t seem to be yourself lately. So tell me, what brought about such an improvement?”
  • “Where there’s a will, there are relatives.”
  • “I’ve had a wonderful night – unfortunately, this wasn’t it.”

Try writing a few of your own by take statements about current events and putting an unexpected twist on them.

With a little bit of practice you might start to come away with some pretty entertaining content that fits nicely over the intro to a song.