Maybe You Should Be So Dramatic

Posted on April 24, 2012


The next time someone tells you not to be so dramatic let them in on this little statistic; according to a new Nielsen report TV dramas account for 41% of all prime time viewing while reality TV accounts for just 16%. Sports is actually the second most viewed type of programming with 22%, sit-coms get 11% and news programming accounts for 10% of prime time viewing.

There’s no way you would ever know that if you judged by what you hear about on the radio.

I’m willing to guess that if I took a sampling of the TV-related content being discussed on morning shows across the country each day, reality television would be king of radio content with drama well behind.

Sure, there are a number of music-focused reality shows that draw big audiences and fit well with radio because of their pop-music sensibilities. But when it comes to selecting content try to remember that there’s a reason we’ve had five different Law & Order-related series.