WKRP Wisdom: Go Get Some Attention

Posted on April 9, 2012


I recently started watching the first season of WKRP in Cincinnati again so bear with me if a few posts in the coming weeks center on Johnny Fever, Andy Travis, Bailey Quarters and the rest of the gang.

For instance, in the third episode just weeks after the station changed formats from beautiful music to rock, sales are way off and management is getting restless but won’t cough up any money to advertise the new format.

The programming team — such as it is — starts looking for ideas that will get the station coverage in other media such as the local newspaper or TV affiliate.

I’ll bet you can’t remember the last time you did something worthy of press coverage. It’s a lost art that radio seems to have forgotten about.

Yes, maximizing Facebook, Twitter and other social media helps drive audience without costs but they  don’t get your message to new people outside of your typical audience the way some coverage in another medium can.

Start looking for ways to get yourself, or your show, some attention on a media outlet aside from your station and your Facebook page. You’ll be surprised what it could do for your ratings and your career.

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