A Lesson from the Podcast Answer Man

Posted on March 29, 2012


And he's handsome too. Dammit.

While he may very well be a competitor to Talent Mechanic, I recently came across a story that talked about the success of Cliff Ravenscraft, also known as The Podcast Answer Man.

According to an article in the Social Media Examiner, Ravenscraft started his first podcast in 2006 because he wanted to talk about the show “Lost.” It quickly grew to over 15,000 subscribers. Since then he’s had similar success with other focused shows including one about “The Hunger Games” that had a huge audience long before the movie came out.

What makes Ravenscraft successful is that he takes interest in topics that are popular enough to build a large audience yet still focused. His topics also have very passionate fans that he can tap into.

What makes Ravenscraft amazing is that he does it without a mass-media platform to promote his shows on.

Just think what could happen if a host started a show that was similar in nature to what Ravenscraft does AND was able to promote it on a radio station with a huge audience.

I would imagine the podcast might not only attract a large audience of its own, it might cause some new listeners to tune in to the hosts daily show.