Your Show Needs a Tagline

Posted on March 14, 2012


Great tagline. So true.

Just like any brand the key to being successful is owning a particular place in the customer’s mind.

For radio stations that plays out primarily through the station’s format. It’s not as simple for a host. You have to build your personal brand inside the framework of the station you work at.

That requires focus; deciding what you want your brand to be about and making it a regular part of your show.

Of course determining what your brand is about isn’t an easy thing to do. So here’s one suggestion for how to get started: take a few minutes and consider what you would want your tagline to be.

In a recent column, transformational speaker and branding expert Tom Asacker writes about a new way to think about taglines.

He suggests that taglines should reflect the beliefs of the brand.

He says that while Disneyland (The Happiest Place on Earth), Wal-Mart (Save Money, Live Better) and Chipotle (Food with integrity) are fine several others like McDonalds (I’m Loving It) and Google (Don’t be Evil) fall short.

So take a second and consider your tagline. Settle on a single sentence that describes what you believe in or want to communicate to listeners each day.

And if you have a hard time boiling it down, I know a good mechanic who’d be happy to help you out.