Reflections on College Radio’s Impact: Literally and Figuratively

Posted on February 28, 2012


One of my goals upon returning from vacation is to start volunteering more, both in my community and with educational broadcasters to do my part to help assure the future of our industry.

Here’s a post from last fall I wrote about how we should all give back to radio.

I’ll be back with new materials starting tomorrow.

I just found out that Tuesday (10-10-11) was College Radio Day, a celebration of educational, student-run radio stations that hopes to, “harness the combined listenership of hundreds of thousands of college radio listeners throughout North America and to celebrate the important contribution of college radio to America’s airwaves by uniting for this one day.”

College Radio Day is the brainchild of Rob Quicke , the General Manager of WPSC FM at William Paterson University in New York who worked closely with Peter Kreten, the General Manager of WXAV FM at Saint Xavier University in Chicago to put his idea into motion.

Quicke is concerned because in recent years, sparked by lean financial times, many colleges have sold or shut down their student run radio stations.

He hopes that College Radio Day can help remind university administrators about the value of student-run college radio stations.

I know a lot of people in the business got their start at college radio stations. I sure did.

I have so many great memories of my time at Michigan State working at both WLFT, the carrier current AM station, and  89 FM, The Impact.

I vividly remember everything from interviewing Gregg Allman without knowing anything about the Allman Brothers when I was a green around the ears freshman to helping get the station’s funding renewed when I was the Student General Manager.

I learned a lot about radio, met so many people who are still good friends of mine to this day (including one that I married) and had so much fun.

I was lucky enough to have a high school station too, WOVI with, at the time, 10 whole watts of power. (Now I believe it’s up to 100)

I also have good memories from there including a really embarrassing aircheck tape my mom recently unearthed and played at a family gathering. Wow, did that guy need a Talent Mechanic.

So even though I missed it this year, I’m going to use College Radio Day as a reminder to try to give back to the world I came from and I hope you do to.

Reach out to your old station or to the College Radio Day folks and give them some support.

It’s the least we can do in return for what those stations gave to us.